Monday, December 13, 2010

Changing lives through Microcredit

What if you had the power to change someone's life that you've never met simply by loaning them $25?

Through the power of microcredit loans and the brilliant people at,


Microcredit loans are simple: a small amount of money is given in the form of a loan that is paid back
 in small increments during a set time. As the loan gets paid back, a person's credit is raised
which enables them to qualify for a larger loan.

Why are these loans important?
They provide important and much-needed capital to build or expand a home-based business and the ability to purchase supplies in bulk resulting in lower overall costs and more profit.

These loans enable entrepreneurs around the globe to create and sustain businesses that transform their lives and the lives of those surrounding them including their families and communities.

Today on Groupon (Boston), you can score a $25 voucher to for only $15! Groupon and contributing partners toss in the difference so that the full $25 is given to Kiva for loaning purposes, making this a most excellent time to get involved.

Kiva is reallly awesome! You have the power to choose who you want to loan your money to. You can choose your recipient by occupation or location and can track their progress in paying the loan back. You can learn about their families and how their business impacts their life.
When the loan gets repaid, you get to reloan the money over and over again. This is truly the gift that keeps on giving!

Microcredit loans are changing lives around the world every day. Kiva makes it easy to be a part of this inspiring movement. Get involved!

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