Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Expand your network of hand-me-downs!

Today's deal on Mamapedia is just awesome.
They are featuring a company called thredUP, who provide an easy way to get rid of and receive gently loved children's clothing and toys with other parents.

Before becoming a parent, I did not believe that kids could literally grow out of clothes overnight. The cute outfits that I could dress her in one day somehow didn't fit the next day!
When you find yourself with a moutain of too-snugly-fitting clothing, you can pack it up in box, list it on the thredUP site, and ship it for free to another family who will use them.

What's really cool about thredUP is that a basic membership is FREE. You can browse their site, claim a box of gently-loved clothing or toys when you see one that you like, and pay $5 to have it shipped to you. Have a box to share? Post it on the site, print out the shipping label, and send it along its way. You can do it all from home, which can be a mom's dream come true.

Today's deal on Mamapedia is for a year PRO membership at thredUP. How is this different from the FREE basic membership? You get a peek at what's actually in the box, get access to boxes first, get notifications when your favorite sellers post new items, and can even score boxes of brand new clothing.

Normally priced at $45, you can score a one year PRO membership to thredUP from Mamapedia today for only $20! Get those old boxes of clothing out of the garage or attic and exchange them for ones your kids can actually wear!

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