Saturday, December 4, 2010

Half off chic reusable bags!

Check out today's deal on Mamapedia-
$8 for $16 of reusable bags from Flip & Tumble!

If you are new to Mamapedia you get a $3 credit, bringing the price of this voucher down to $5!

These aren't your run of the mill reusable bags! They are modern and stylish while maintaining a strong environmental commitment. They have several styles, prints, and sizes so you can be sure to find one that will work for you. For anything from an easy overnight bag to a stash of bags that you keep in the car for grocery shopping, these awesome bags from Flip & Tumble are a perfect stocking stuffer!!

birdie print 24-7 bag

One of my favorite items that they carry is this set of 5 reusable produce bags for $11. Even when you do bring your own shoppping bags, sometimes it can be hard to stay plastic-free while in the produce section!

One of the best parts is that these bags all fold into a small pouch, making them no bigger than a peach! When opened, they are big and strong enough to carry twice what a normal plastic shopping bag will hold.

Snag your $16 voucher for only $8 today on Mamapedia and 5% of your purchase will be donated to the school of your choice. Sweet!

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