Wednesday, December 15, 2010

sweetriot of chocolate!

The love of chocolate is a love so pure, so rewarding, and so fulfilling
that it can be hardly matched by any other. Chocolate brings us to an enchanted land filled with eternal bliss. Are you with me?!

Check out today's deal on Jasmere, I'm really digging it. They are featuring a $45 gift pack from sweetriot for only $19 (or lower!). Sweetriot is an awesome small company that makes dark chocolate "peaces" from cacao equitably sourced in Latin America and packages it into recyclable, reusable tins that feature artwork from emerging artists. Cool, huh? Sweetriot is "creating a sweet movement to fix the world."

They came up with the ultimate chocolate fix: dark chocolate covered cacao nibs. Available in 50, 65, and 70% cocoa, these intense "peaces" have all the power to scratch that chocolate sweet spot with only 1-2 calories each. I'm really excited about giving this as a gift to a true chocolate lover in my life that can never just enjoy the experience without thought about the calories (what a tragic thought, indeed).

Today's deal buys you the Ultimate Holiday Gift Set from sweetriot, containing three 3-packs of the "peaces." Each pack contains one tin of each flavor (50, 65, and 70%), making them perfect for three separate gifts or one big cacoafest for a lucky someone.

As always, the price can continue to drop until this sale is over. This sale started at $24 and has dropped to $19 with twelve more hours to go. No one is charged at Jasmere until the sale is over and everyone pays the same price.

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