Saturday, January 1, 2011

Half off clever organizational tools and notepads

Here we are on New Years Day, savoring the celebration of days and weeks past and looking forward to the present year and all that is to come.

High atop many people's list of aspirations every year is the commitment to get organized.
a small company that makes really cool eco-friendly note pads and organizational tools that you might actually use. Look to the right of the main deal on the page to find this deal.

Check out this notepad~ room for the legitimate tasks that need to be accomplished and also room for random ponderings or doodles.
Left brain: pay water bill, plan next week's menu, organize B's room.
Right brain: i love cheese, dinner party next saturday?,
(big swirling hearts enscribed with "john corbett").

They also have this one called the MEpad. It even has bright app-like icons on the page.
Fun way to start 2011.
 Good luck on that organization thing this year. ;)

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